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paulfisher: executive director: thinking theatre: CONTACT: (520) 850 6157
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Short Resume 1993 - 2012

Tel: (520) 850 6157




In 2007 Paul Fisher was recognized for his years of distinguished service in Arts and Education, by The Arizona Daily Star and The Tucson/Pima Arts Council with the "Lumie" Award.  In 2003 he was recognized by the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona  as the recipient of the Buffalo Exchange Arts Award for outstanding contributions to arts in the community through education, organization and advocacy.


Bachelors of Education from Birmingham University, GB.


School/Community Team Training - Training of Trainers, University of Oklahoma

Principles of Brain Based Learning, Renate Caine, Tucson Unified School District



Over the past 20 years, Mr. Fisher has created many performances in schools in the USA and Russia.  He specializes in improvised performances based on content the classroom provides, improvisational comedy, and performance of plays such as: "Twelfth Night" and "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare.

He also writes plays with classes of middle school and high school students.


Southeastern Arizona Arts In Academics (Arts for "Border" Children)

Creating arts based educational environments to improve learning in the arts and core subjects.  Intensive in-classroom, co-teaching residences in rural SE Arizona, from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in the north to Naco in the south.


Raytheon - Lectures/Workshops in Creative Thinking

Intuit - Creative Thinking for Leadership Teams

Canyon Ranch - Creative Thinking for Clients

Amerind Foundation - 1st. Theatre Performances in their Museum

Tucson Unified School District

Creative Thinking Consultant

Professional Development Consultant

K-3 Specialist - path of theatre, Curriculum Assessment through Drama/Instant Action Assessment

The Learning Curve - Lectures:

Bootcamp for the Brain

Lunch with Genghis Khan

History by the Cupful

The Original Spy Masters

Scotland the Brilliant

Between Columbus and the Pilgrims: the untold story of America's first explorers.

Francisco José De La Goya y Lucientes 1746 - 1828 - The last of the Old Masters and the first of the Moderns

Apache Wars - 1851 to 1886:  an examination of little known, but outstanding, characters, events and adventures.

Ancient Magic part 2 - exploring the power of magic, belief, religion and some extraordinary eccentrics.

Ancient Magic part 1 - overview of occultism and mysticism from ancient times to the present day.

The compass, gunpowder and the printing press (How the destructive power of Genghis Khan created the technological dominance of Europe.)

The Kingdom United (James VI to Bonnie Prince Charlie and Europe in the 16th & 17th centuries)

UApresents (University of Arizona)

Education Consultant

Essential Theatre

Theatre workshops for Juvenile Offenders at Catalina Mountain School

Khalsa Montessori School & Satori School

Multi-year curriculum assessment, play making and performing: including pre-K - 8th grade

Program Evaluation

The Drawing Studio

Anglo-American School Moscow

Capstone Project - Native American and Stone Age skills training for the

Arizona International College, on the Navajo Reservation, AZ

Many schools in Pima County, AZ

Tucson Pima Arts Council

Multi-year collaboration with Community Arts Development Department.

Elementary through Middle School long term residencies in Writing, Acting and Play-making.

Lectures on creating successful Artist/Teacher collaborations.

Grant Reader

National Endowment for the Arts

Grant Reader

Summer Fine Arts

Creative Thinking Specialist

Readers Theatre

Staged readings of children's literature.  Presented by children.  Organized and sponsored by Tucson-Pima Public Libraries in collaboration with local schools as an after school program.   Readings will take place in the Libraries and in the Schools.  Paul Fisher, theatre artist.

Very Special Arts Arizona

Middle School Transition - 5th Grade students write and perform short plays about their fears and dreams about Middle School.  They perform the work to Middle School students who comment and dialog.

Legacy Theatre Co.

Artistic Director - Readers' Theatre with a focus on material for senior citizens.

Teaching the Six Traits

Teacher Training for the Continental, Marana, Sunnyside and Tucson Unified School Districts, Arizona


"My More-Modest Proposal" - How to solve the problem of child poverty in the US

The Value of Arts in Education: recent clients include: Voices for Education, Arizona Museum Educators, Anglo-American Schools

Arts-Based Educational Research SIG / American Educational Research Association


the path of theatre, Executive Director:

consultancies in staff development and classroom training based in Arts Integration, Intelligence, Brain and Knowledge theories, and Semiotics.

Casa de los Ninos

working with therapists, this collaboration used drama in a therapeutic setting with children in crisis.

Arizona Theatre Educators Association, Past-president.

National Association of Local Arts Agencies, Past-chair, Arts Education Interest Area

Griffinfish, Artistic Director.

Third St Kids , past-Theatre Director, internationally acclaimed arts troupe made

up of performers with a variety of disabilities and abilities.



the path of theatre, 1996- staff development, planning, dialogue, collegiality, mentoring and inter-classroom partnerships now create the basis for arts integration which uses theatre as a tool to explore, experiment, problem solve and share knowledge using the whole self.

More than 10 schools, 80 teachers and 1500 children served,

Crizmac 1996-

Staff Development Seminars - Arts Integration, Intelligence and Knowledge theories, and Semiotics.

Discover, 1995-

Teacher Training, Classroom Modeling: using theatre to explore multiple intelligences, for Native American and other gifted children.

Robidoux Foundation Arts Infusion Project

targeting gifted, generalist, fine arts and pre-school teachers and students, this multi-year project is extending arts integration with collaborations between art teachers and other staff and extending the impact of these techniques to include 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Arts Integration Program

multi-year, open ended, collaborations with schools and staff which develop rooted bodily-kinesthetic practices as part of the school culture.

University of Arizona

Bodily-Kinesthetic Techniques, Masters of Education students, 1997-

Story Theatre Techniques, Theatre Education Students, 1993/94

Arts Integration Theory and Practice, College of Education, 1994

Pima County Adult Education, 1998- Conversation techniques, English Speaking

requirement, for English as a Second Language Students.

Prescott College

Arts Integration Theory and Practice, Graduate Students in Education, 1993/4

Pre-service training in Arts Integration, 1993/4

University of Phoenix

Arts Integration for working teachers studying to be Principals, 1996

Odyssey of the Mind

Training of Trainers, 1992/93/94

Education Enrichment Foundation

Elementary School Librarians Library Power

Using the Arts Resources in our Community, 1993/4



Mr. Fisher is a performing artist: he performs regularly with Monolog Cabin.  He recently performed "Los Disparates", an audio-visual performance work for The University of Arizona, Museum of Art,  "Restoring the Balance" at The Muse, and acted in "Later Life" at the Invisible Theatre in Tucson, AZ.   He has also been a regular performer with OTO Dance.


With Chamber Music Plus Southwest he has performed in the following staged readings at the Berger Center and other venues:

Remembering Felix

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

The Chelm Stories

Suite Success

Mozart finds a melody


A fiddle lesson for Albert




(as Arts Education Director, from 1990-95, paulfisher was responsible for:)

He was hired to create the Arts Education Program in 1990. While Director, he was responsible for all aspects of Arts Education for Tucson and Pima County. Creating arts education partnerships, collaborations, initiatives and dialogues throughout the community, this program is recognized at home and nationally.

Arts Integration Program (AIP)

AIP, a nationally acclaimed program, creates ways for teachers to integrate basic fine art activities with their core curriculum. Over 6 years, ongoing dialogue with school principals, staff, artists, parents and researchers contributes to many adaptations of the program to meet the changing classroom environment. Each site develops arts education activities which are best suited to the site's own educational and cultural requirements.

In-services are provided for elementary classroom teachers on how to integrate arts methods with other core curriculum, story theatre, mentoring, visioning and planning .

AIP manuals provide teachers with lesson plans that integrate music, dance, theatre and visual arts into teaching other core subjects. Classroom

demonstrations by arts specialists provide teachers with co-teaching experiences in arts integration.

AIP has served 10 school districts, 40 schools and over 6500 students.

JTPArts program, also known as Art Works.

In collaboration with other programs at the Tucson/Pima Arts Council, this project employs Pima County Youth, who are eligible for Job Training

Partnership Act funds, to work in teams with artists, to create works of Public Art throughout the community.

Another nationally recognized program, JTPArts has created mosaic tile and painted murals, large public sculptures, landscaping in public housing, road signage, zoo exhibits, computer publishing, video and other projects.

Multi-media Arts Education Center

This program provides high quality computers, teachers and technicians as a service to the community. Since its inception, it has served middle school through high school students, youth employment workers, Adult Education Students and artists.



Mayor's Metropolitan Education Commission, speech: "Art? Why Bother?" 1995

American Educators Research Association, San Francisco CA April 20 1995 -

paper presented "Arts Integration: Semiotic Transmediation in the Classroom"

National Association of Local Arts Agencies, 1990 - 95, speech: "Art? Why

Bother?" 1995, Workshops, Presentations, Committee Leadership

Arizona Theatre Conference, Improvisation Techniques, 1993/94

National Legal Aid Association, Annual Western Conference - Community

Mobilization Training, 1994

Community TEAM Training, PeopleLinks/University of Oklahoma 1993

Curriculum, over the past 12 years, arts integration curriculum in theatre and

video has been developed for a variety of school districts, Pima County Adult

Education and the Department of Developmental Disabilities.



"the path of Theatre" Fisher 2002,

"The Body Kinesthetic" Fisher 1998,

"Arts Integration Manual" Betts/Fisher 1996

"We're People First" Jeff Moyer 1996

"Working Relationships" Institute for Community Development and the Arts

"Arts and Learning" , V12(1) Open Door 1995

"School, Communities, and the Arts: A Research Compendium" the National

Endowment for the Arts 1995 (Steering Committee/Program citation)

"If this Is Social Studies, Why Isn't It Boring?" Steffey and Hood, 1994.

"Teaching Essential Skills Through Arts Integration - Theatre Manual"

Tucson/Pima Arts Council, 1990



National Endowment for the Arts, grants reader 1995-

Buffalo Exchange Arts Award, Chair 2006-09

National Endowment for the Arts, Past-chair, A+ Arts Initiative Grants Panel

Tucson Pima Arts Council, Arts Education Grants Panel, 1998-

Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, Buffalo Exchange Grant Panel Chair 2006-

Step Into the Arts, Planning Committee 1992/93/94

Increase the Peace, Planning Committee 1993

Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Education Committee, Docent Trainings

Arizona Parks and Recreation, Annual Conference 1994 - Arts in the Parks

Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, Grant Panel Chair, 1993/4