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Teacher Professional Development
Teacher Professional Development
SAAA Goals & Strategies

 Southeast Arizona Arts in Academics Project

Goals & Strategies

    By the end of the project, Southeast Arizona Arts in Academics:


       1.   Students will demonstrate increased skills, knowledge, and         understanding of the four forms of art (Music, Visual, Theatre, Dance)    and realize improved academic achievement, social maturity and respectfor others, especially those from different cultures.

       2.   Teachers will demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to engage children and youth in learning the arts and will  incorporate the arts into regular classroom instruction.

        3.   Schools and communities will have the infrastructure and cultivated the commitment to ensure the arts remain part of  the core curriculum.


This will be accomplished through the following strategies:

1.       Creating student and teacher enthusiasm and support.  Utilize the expertise of artists in residence,  College faculty, and technology to expand learning opportunities.  Artists in Residences will spend at least three weeks a year at each school site demonstrating and facilitating student projects.   Student works will be disseminated electronically and juried by a distinguished panel of judges who will support student growth.

2.       Conducting professional and curriculum development.   Through a rigorous professional development effort prepare forty teachers from eight schools in strategies for integrating forms of art into regular classroom instruction.   Map the art curriculum and align it to the Arizona  Art Standards.   Develop and use assessments that evaluate mastery of the art standards.   Teachers will participate in an intensive training program conducted by the teacher/coach.   Master Artists, and faculty from Cochise College.  Training will be conducted through summer workshops, school year in-services, seminars and colloquies, and observation and coaching.

3.       Fostering community enthusiasm by showcasing student works, developing/expanding partnerships, sponsoring special performances/showings, involving parents/community members; school-wide productions that will involve all students in a performance of Taiko Drumming or a Borderlands Theatre production of Folk literature.

4.       Continually  monitor and evaluate status and quality of activities; Building a culture to sustain Arts in Academics.


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